Monday, January 3, 2011

Key Boarding

I took piano lessons when I was a kid; I almost remember my teacher's name. She was a very nice woman and very patient. She had to be, trust me! I had a couple of recitals and used to play while my sister sang in family talent shows. I liked it, but the piano did not go with us to Morocco when I was 10. I continued to play when possible, and when we got stateside again, we had another piano, but few lessons after that. So, I am not great on the piano or the organ. Utilitarian at best. I can play most of our hymns if they don't have too many moving parts, sharps or flats.
We were in a branch a few years ago and for much of the time I was the only person who could play any keyboard for any purpose. We had a piano in the primary room and a sort of organ in the chapel. The organ had two manuals, but no foot petals. There was an instruction booklet that came with it. Helped me set the tones and had fingering suggestions. Since I was also choosing the hymns each week, I managed not to embarrass myself too much.
I loved playing the sort of organ and really got fairly good on technique. Fortunately there were no foot petals.
I would do anything to play better.... except practice. sigh

But here is someone who has spent a little bit of time practising. He is absolutely amazing!

I know, it's a Christmas song, but I'll make it the last one for this season.