Saturday, August 30, 2008

Speaking of exciting...

Sarah Palin for VP, who'd a thunk it? Realizing that there would be issues, I was really really hoping for Mitt. But dreams don't always come true.

And this is so exciting! John McCain was brilliant at keeping the secret to the very last minute, the rally was exciting and thank goodness the Nutter Center was packed.

I like her small government, lower taxes, play it straight attitude. It helps, for momentum's sake that she's a looker who knows how to wear a skirt! LOL

Here she is last year in her official capacity as governor in a semi-official declaration.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Political Rant

The title could refer to what I am about to write as a political rant; however, it really applies to the speech I heard last night. I've been watching the Democrat National Convention (as much as I can tolerate) and have heard most of the major speeches. I am sure that the Republican National Convention will also be full of nonsense, half truth and grandstanding but, please God, not so much.

Michelle did a good job of trying to clean up the mess she made, Hillary sounded as statesman like as she needed to while tooting her own horn and failing to praise much about Barack. Bill didn't put his foot in it, but managed to make everyone nervous right up to the last minute and sing his own praises muy humbly.

But Harry Reid, Senate Majority leader gave the most lying, cheating, sickening, disgusting, grandios, full of drivel speech I have ever had the misfortune of hearing. It was all 'a phrase that a lady never uses in polite company' but this part was shocking! The man is supposed to know better....

"For the past eight years, the man in the Oval Office has tipped his hat over his eyes, kicked back his chair, and snoozed at his desk. Charged with protecting our national interests, he slept on duty while his vice president conspired with oil industry cronies. Tasked with cutting off funding to terrorists, he slept on duty while oil shortages worsened, oil prices soared, and dollars by the ton were delivered to terrorists’ banks in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. Faced with a new kind of war, this president and his vice president helped their friends the old-fashioned way:
through war profiteering, tax cuts for billionaires, and in many cases out-and-out corruption.

There are honest answers to the problems we face, but they call for hard solutions and common sacrifices, the kind of sacrifices that this administration has only asked the American people to bear when it lined the pockets of the obscenely rich." - Harry Reid, August 27, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What to blog, what to blog...

I was going to go all serious today, maybe even super spiritual but there is too much on the web that catches my eye. I think I need three blogs, one for the deep spiritual insights, one for the political rants and one for the daily hum drum that I make so amusing everyone wants me to write a book! LOL
But for today I am going with the nut job conspiracy loonies. Watch this!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

So Many Books, So Little Time

I just bought three books, which is kind of unusual. Normally, the public library is my favorite resource.

I've been reading on a multitude of blogs about the "Twilight" series, however, I did not buy any vampire books. Besides, my father's family came from the Carpathian Mountains in what was Transylvania. Yes, really. So I don't need to read about anything like that... LOL And some day I'll tell you the name of my great great great great great aunt. Maybe. But when you google her name it gets kind of gross!

Nancy got me started this time; recommending this book, "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilizatin" that Ronald darling and I both will enjoy. I also bought "Somebody's Gotta Say It!" by Neal Boortz and "Younger Next Year" which is supposed to make me as healthy and strong at 80 as I should have been at 50. We'll see how that works for me!

But I can't start any of them now; I am going to finish "Jesus the Christ" before I start teaching the New Testament in Seminary. I've never completed the book in 41 years but I am this time. An hour on the bus each day is making it easier to find time to read. Home time is spent in a recliner with the TV on and the laptop on my lap (go figure)!

I was just reading Talmage's commentary about Lazarus raised from the dead. The Lord did not do anything more than necessary. He knew where Lazarus was buried, but he asked anyway. He could have made the stone that sealed the tomb move or disappear, but he told the entourage to move it. He could have caused the burial clothes that bound Lazarus and hampered his movements to drop, but he instructed the family and friends to loose him. All that was humanly possible he had done by those with him. That which they could not do, the miracle, he performed.

I'm finding the insights illuminating.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

So, People Think I've Got Quirks...

If they only knew! LOL

The RULES1. Link the person who tagged you…In my case, Katie.
2. Post these rules.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them

Okay, I like the idea of a theme that Katie gave us; here goes.

I sing at the drop of a hat. Well, actually at the drop of anything. Mostly show tunes, but anything really.

1. I sang to Ronald darling when we were dating but he married me anyway. He heard "Whatever Lola ('Lona) Wants" although I didn't do the dancing that Gwen Verdon did. (You young 'uns have no idea what I'm talking about, right?) He also heard "Big Spender" - I've never seen the show, but the 'fun, laughs, good times' line seemed perfect!

2. I sing "Good Morning" from Singing in the Rain or "Oh What A Beautiful Morning" from Oklahoma to my seminary class. Talk about scary at 5:30 in the morning! At least one of my students told me it I was scary. I try dancing along too, but that's not so good.

3. I sing all the songs that my sister and mom and I sang at the kitchen sink every day. "Red, Red Robin", "Bye, Bye Blackbird", "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot". I've taught a couple of them to my grandsons too, although I don't think my daughter is thrilled about that.

4. I grew up going to a variety of Protestant churches and (of course) singing in a gazillion choirs. And I remember a lot of the hymns that I sang then that we don't sing now. "The Old Rugged Cross" and "Love Lifted Me" were my favorites. And I remember the Protestant words to hymns we sing in the LDS church. "How Gentle God's Commands" equals "Blest Be The Ties That Bind (our hearts in Christian love)". "Israel, Israel, God is Calling" equals "What a Friend We Have In Jesus".

5. There are wonderful, cheery, upbeat, disgustingly happy songs and I think I know and sing them all! " High Hopes" by Frank Sinatra, "Look on the Bright Side of Life" from The Life of Brian, "Goin' Courtin'" from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and everything from The Music Man. And a whole big long bunch of others.

6. The song that comes to mind most often (in a non-spiritual vein) is again from Oklahoma. It is one I have always wanted to perform but it is inappropriate for a stuffy old broad like me to sing in a church talent show setting. And that is just about the only place I sing where other people can hear me. I did sing it on a very brave day in an audition for a real show. I don't know where I got the guts to do that, but they didn't gag.
Oh, I didn't mention the name of the song, did I? "I C'ain't Say No!".

You would think that singing all the time would have made me good by now. *sigh*