Thursday, August 14, 2008

So Many Books, So Little Time

I just bought three books, which is kind of unusual. Normally, the public library is my favorite resource.

I've been reading on a multitude of blogs about the "Twilight" series, however, I did not buy any vampire books. Besides, my father's family came from the Carpathian Mountains in what was Transylvania. Yes, really. So I don't need to read about anything like that... LOL And some day I'll tell you the name of my great great great great great aunt. Maybe. But when you google her name it gets kind of gross!

Nancy got me started this time; recommending this book, "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilizatin" that Ronald darling and I both will enjoy. I also bought "Somebody's Gotta Say It!" by Neal Boortz and "Younger Next Year" which is supposed to make me as healthy and strong at 80 as I should have been at 50. We'll see how that works for me!

But I can't start any of them now; I am going to finish "Jesus the Christ" before I start teaching the New Testament in Seminary. I've never completed the book in 41 years but I am this time. An hour on the bus each day is making it easier to find time to read. Home time is spent in a recliner with the TV on and the laptop on my lap (go figure)!

I was just reading Talmage's commentary about Lazarus raised from the dead. The Lord did not do anything more than necessary. He knew where Lazarus was buried, but he asked anyway. He could have made the stone that sealed the tomb move or disappear, but he told the entourage to move it. He could have caused the burial clothes that bound Lazarus and hampered his movements to drop, but he instructed the family and friends to loose him. All that was humanly possible he had done by those with him. That which they could not do, the miracle, he performed.

I'm finding the insights illuminating.


mixednutsblog said...

Given my weird interest in/knowledge of famous serial killers, I think that I know who that relative is. And her "younger next year" regiment was a *real* bloodbath!

What a wonderful truth that can be seen in the Savior's reaction to Lazarus! So often, we tend to try to make it all better for others. But he let those around him do what they were capable of before providing what they couldn't do for themselves. What a wonderful and wise balance.

Lilola said...

Funny how the serial killers didn't show up on your "quirky" list. LOL
I don't think I'll try her regime... ;)

mixednutsblog said...

After everything else I did share??? If I mentioned my fascination with serial killers, I would have gotten a very wide berth at church for the next few years!

nicole said...

Thanks for sharing that insight about Lazarus. I'm hoping to read "Jesus the Christ" one of these days... I've always wanted to read it. It seems like you and I are the only ones who haven't gotten into this whole "Twilight" craze!

shannon said...

That makes 3 of us Nicole! Although I may eventually read the Twilight can get it on CD from the library. I just have so many other things I need to read that it's hard to find time for the fictional novels!