Saturday, August 30, 2008

Speaking of exciting...

Sarah Palin for VP, who'd a thunk it? Realizing that there would be issues, I was really really hoping for Mitt. But dreams don't always come true.

And this is so exciting! John McCain was brilliant at keeping the secret to the very last minute, the rally was exciting and thank goodness the Nutter Center was packed.

I like her small government, lower taxes, play it straight attitude. It helps, for momentum's sake that she's a looker who knows how to wear a skirt! LOL

Here she is last year in her official capacity as governor in a semi-official declaration.


Chocolate Inspector said...

Ilona, I finally found you again! I need to get a list of my favorite blogs on mine so I can surf around for hours and hours at night. :) I love it when I have time. It was good to sit by you today, you always make me smile! Keep shinning!

Elaine said...

LOL! That was hilarious!