Monday, May 26, 2008

Rant or Rave?

I am overcome with ennui... somewhere blah and don't care. I should be ranting at the moment because of the political drivel, but the urge is past and I have to wait for the bile to build again.

So just a moment to tell you that I really really love SHOW TUNES. They don't write music today that fits so many situations. So when I was talking to Gloomy Gus yesterday, I had to reach back 50 years to find a song to sing. Did I mention that I sing at the drop of a hat? That everything is a song cue?

And this is one of the most encouraging songs! Enjoy!

And I'll get to the bile later!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tagged, eh?

What I was doing 10 years ago:

I was a mother in law, but not a grandma - a Relief Society president in an inner city branch - supervisor in a call center. Married for 30 years.

5 things on my to-do list today:

1. Planning the Malachi lessons - end of Seminary.
2. Exercise - fat chance! No pun intended
3. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work I go.
4. Clean the house for crying out loud!
5. Blog!

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

1. Tithe and VERY generous fast offering!
2. Trust funds for the kids and grandkids
3. Pay off all family and extended family debts.
4. Donate to Humanitarian Aid, Perpetual Education Fund and a variety of others
5. A host of anonymous gifts
6. House, car, clothes, trip(s).

Bad habits:

1. Procrastination
2. Procrastination
3. Lazy, lazy and lazy.

Places I've lived:

1. Tacoma WA
2. Monterey CA
3. San Antonio TX
4. Arlington VA (kindergarten)
5. Derby KS
6. Columbus OH
7. Sidi Slimane Morocco
8. Blytheville AK
9. Huber Heights OH
10. Covington OH
11. Dayton OH
12. Here

5 jobs I've had:

1. Switchboard Operator (one ringie dingie)
2. Sales and collection for the telephone company
3. Restaurant Owner
4. Call Center telephone answerer....
5. Supervisor and Quality Analyst

Friday, May 2, 2008

Life Is Good!

Not because there is wonderful stuff; but because, for now, there is nothing horrible in my life. I know so many sad stories, enormous tragedy all around. I'm sure it will be our turn again, but for now - we are greatly blessed.

Now, I just read that sentence again. Greatly blessed, eh? Okay, so they are not tangible blessings- money, houses, cars, clothes, jewels. But we have each other, a great family and the gospel with it's beauty and duty*. Because the Lord has trusted us with so much, we know that we can trust him.

It is a wonderful life!

*I slept, and dreamed that life was Beauty.
I woke, and found that life was Duty.
Was thy dream then a shadowy lie?
Toil on, poor heart, unceasingly;
And thou shalt find thy dream to be
A truth and noonday light to thee.

~ Ellen Sturgis Hooper