Sunday, July 27, 2008

Is He As Stupid As He Sounds?

I heard a story, probably apocryphal, about a bishop who's son bore his testimony. "And our family is much happier since we stopped using the F-word and the S-word."

Poor bishop! He had to explain to the ward that the F-word was fart and the S-word was stupid.

Perhaps I shouldn't have used the S-word in the title of this entry, but I just can't think of any other that says exactly what I mean without sounding even worse.

I've posted before about my belief in the Fair Tax proposal, HR 25. It would fund the government at the current rate (which is too much, but first things first) and solve one of our major problems which is funding for Social Security and Medicare. Not that they both don't need to be fixed and/or eliminated, but funding will reach crisis proportions soon.

But a basic understanding of our current federal income tax system should be required of all elected officials to the House and the Senate. And certainly from the majority leader of the US Senate. But Harry Reid has not a clue! Really! Get a load of this!

We definitely need a change this election cycle!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

One year in high school the physical education plan was to find a sport we would enjoy and continue throughout our lives. It didn't work for me, of course but may have for others.

We tried field hockey. The hockey stick is never supposed to be swung higher than the waist. I got hit in the mouth and got a lovely split lip. Crossed that one right off the list.

We tried gymnastics; leaping across the horse thing-y AKA vault, the uneven parallel bars, floor exercises and the balance beam. Usually there is only one spotter, but they had to have three or four for me; I was terrified! And not very good.

The one sport that I might have pursued was golf. We practised driving in gym, putting in the yard and then they took us out to play nine holes of real golf. We went to the Kitty Hawk golf course to play. I scored 90 on 9 holes. I could have done better - in fact, I did do better. But they would only let me count 10 strokes per hole. I would have scored much higher if they let me count all of them, maybe even twice as good! ;)

But getting back to Olympic sports - gymnastics, even though I couldn't perform, became one of my all time favorite sports to watch. What they do is amazing! Here is a comedian performing on the uneven bars. I loved it - enjoy!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Until a few months ago I had no idea that a gazillion people were putting thoughts out for the whole world to read. It's fun to stumble onto something fun or fascinating or frivolous... there's also freaky, but I back off those as fast as ever I can! LOL

I found these musings of a dad and thought you might enjoy them too.
Things As They Really Are.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hope There's a Pot of Gold Somewhere!!!!!!!!

This is one of the rainbows from last weekend with my baby sister:

Monday, July 14, 2008


I've been having a lot of great experiences recently - had another over the weekend. My sister was coming to Akron to meet up with some online buddies, of which I am one, nominally. LOL So I drove up from the temple and stayed overnight. I hadn't seen her since my mom's funeral two years ago, so this was really great. We only had Saturday and then Sunday morning, but we talked and laughed and made resolutions not to let two years go by again. And I only got marginally weepy when we said goodbye. Since I am a big crybaby, that was an accomplishment.
I forgot my bathing suit so missed out on the pool, but got in a nice nap on the deck. The weather Saturday was on again, off again rain. A little thunder, a little lightening and two rainbows, one after each major-ish rain storm. Rainbows make everything special. But there were four cameras (none mine) and six people yelling, get the rainbow, get the rainbow! It was a hoot!

I am posting a picture of us that we took; it's the only one I have so far. If she sends me a better one, I will swap it out. We were looking at one of the rainbows, I didn't react fast enough for my closeup. I am going to blame the photographer for the fact that I look older and heavier - but I think that's a cop out!

Friday, July 11, 2008

All's Right With the World!

It rained a little last night, so it was cloudy this morning. Not total clouds, some light, some dark, with little pieces of sky in between – just beautiful. We drive west toward Huber every morning, and as we drove we spotted a beautiful rainbow. As the angle changed, the colors became brilliant, absolutely wonderful! As we admired the colors, the angle continued to change. That was when we saw the second rainbow. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a double rainbow, but it was glorious. *

Which means, God’s in His Heaven and all’s right with the world.

*This isn't it, but it's close! lol

Saturday, July 5, 2008

God Bless the USA

We live in a great and wonderful country; the creation of which was inspired of God. And it continues to this day because of the love and dedication of its citizens.
More importantly, it is because of the love and dedication of the citizens who put themselves in harm's way for our sake. I am an Air Force brat living near an Air Force base with dozens of military people in my ward (congregation). I am grateful for the sacrifice that they make and the sacrifice of their families. I don't say it often enough: Thank you and God bless you.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

When you have children, you worry. Am I doing things right, will they turn out okay, how will they do in the real world - and how bad is that world going to be? But they grow up any way and go out into the world and worrying doesn't do any good. It doesn't stop, by the way, but it doesn't do any good.

And then you have grandchildren. I know that seems a long way away to the young mothers out there, but it happens faster than you can believe. And you worry. The world we live in is wonderful and very, very difficult. When you are in worry mode, the world seems even worse than it is. I am comforted by this message from Harold B Lee:

"In my lifetime I have seen two world wars plus Korea plus Vietnam and all that you are currently witnessing. I have worked my way through the depression and managed to go to law school while starting a young family at the same time. I have seen stock markets and world economies go crazy and have seen a few despots and tyrants go crazy, all of which causes quite a bit of trouble around the world in the process.
So I am frank to say tonight that I hope you won't believe all the world's difficulties have been wedged into your decade or that things have never been worse than they are for you personally, or that they will never get better. I reassure you that things have been worse and they will always get better. They always do---especially when we live and love the gospel of Jesus Christ and give it a chance in our lives" (The Teachings of Howard W. Hunter, p. 202).