Monday, July 14, 2008


I've been having a lot of great experiences recently - had another over the weekend. My sister was coming to Akron to meet up with some online buddies, of which I am one, nominally. LOL So I drove up from the temple and stayed overnight. I hadn't seen her since my mom's funeral two years ago, so this was really great. We only had Saturday and then Sunday morning, but we talked and laughed and made resolutions not to let two years go by again. And I only got marginally weepy when we said goodbye. Since I am a big crybaby, that was an accomplishment.
I forgot my bathing suit so missed out on the pool, but got in a nice nap on the deck. The weather Saturday was on again, off again rain. A little thunder, a little lightening and two rainbows, one after each major-ish rain storm. Rainbows make everything special. But there were four cameras (none mine) and six people yelling, get the rainbow, get the rainbow! It was a hoot!

I am posting a picture of us that we took; it's the only one I have so far. If she sends me a better one, I will swap it out. We were looking at one of the rainbows, I didn't react fast enough for my closeup. I am going to blame the photographer for the fact that I look older and heavier - but I think that's a cop out!


Jill said...

She's your older sister, right?


Nancy said...

I'm glad you had the chance to visit with your sister. She looks like a gem, and you obviously enjoy one another's company. That's what life is all about.

nicole said...

I always wanted a sister! How fun that you got to be together again! You sure love rainbows, huh?! They're so beautiful!