Saturday, July 19, 2008

One year in high school the physical education plan was to find a sport we would enjoy and continue throughout our lives. It didn't work for me, of course but may have for others.

We tried field hockey. The hockey stick is never supposed to be swung higher than the waist. I got hit in the mouth and got a lovely split lip. Crossed that one right off the list.

We tried gymnastics; leaping across the horse thing-y AKA vault, the uneven parallel bars, floor exercises and the balance beam. Usually there is only one spotter, but they had to have three or four for me; I was terrified! And not very good.

The one sport that I might have pursued was golf. We practised driving in gym, putting in the yard and then they took us out to play nine holes of real golf. We went to the Kitty Hawk golf course to play. I scored 90 on 9 holes. I could have done better - in fact, I did do better. But they would only let me count 10 strokes per hole. I would have scored much higher if they let me count all of them, maybe even twice as good! ;)

But getting back to Olympic sports - gymnastics, even though I couldn't perform, became one of my all time favorite sports to watch. What they do is amazing! Here is a comedian performing on the uneven bars. I loved it - enjoy!


mamalutz said...

hahaha! Too funny loves the video! Thanks for sharing! I played field hockey for many years and loved it. But yeah that high sticks was a real doozie! Fortunately I never got my mouth piece hit out! phew! And those shin guards sure came in handy!!!!

Melody said...

I love it. I could see Maya doing something along the line of comedic gymnastics.