Monday, May 26, 2008

Rant or Rave?

I am overcome with ennui... somewhere blah and don't care. I should be ranting at the moment because of the political drivel, but the urge is past and I have to wait for the bile to build again.

So just a moment to tell you that I really really love SHOW TUNES. They don't write music today that fits so many situations. So when I was talking to Gloomy Gus yesterday, I had to reach back 50 years to find a song to sing. Did I mention that I sing at the drop of a hat? That everything is a song cue?

And this is one of the most encouraging songs! Enjoy!

And I'll get to the bile later!


Jill said...

I must admit - I don't know who Perry Como is, but that is a fun song! :o)

Nancy said...

I know who Perry Como is - guess we are showing our age!

You're right, they don't make songs like they used to.

nicole said...

I've never heard that song, but I like it! I mess with Mr. Inbetween way too much!