Monday, July 27, 2009

So, What Would You Have Done?

First, a little wine, er, whine. It was a long day. I worked 9 hours, my feet hurt, I had a big project to work on... yadda yadda blah blah! LOL
I got home and Ronald darling had made some wonderful mini-meatloaves. Delicious! Only one of them was on my diet, but I ate two anyway! Honest, they were great. Ask him, he might give you the recipe.
So dinner was over, and I decided to go to Wally World. It's not very far; about 10 miles round trip. I went, I looked around, found the things I was looking for plus a pound of strawberies. Simple. I didn't lose the car, I didn't go over the budget I set for the trip and I was home by 8:00. Success.
And then I unpacked the bags. Wait a minute! What's this?!? I have an extra bag. The cashier gave me the last bag from her previous customer. Someone who is planning a wedding and has a toddler at home and is very concerned about getting everything done in time. I was not eavesdropping! Okay, okay, my ears weren't closed when she was talking, of course I heard her. She was only three feet away, for crying out loud!
And there's the bag, sitting on the table. Three bananas, a six pack of ready to eat pudding and a small container of fresh blueberries. It doesn't belong to me.
And, shame on me. I paused. I paused!!
I mean, I don't have little children at home who have to be taught this very important lesson. You know, so they can tell the story in Sacrament Meeting some day. "I remember Mama. Poor thing dragged herself out of the house when she was SO tired and worn out just to return a little bitty teeny weeny bag of groceries. What a GREAT mama!"
I paused. I told Ronald darling what happened maybe thinking that he would tell me not to bother going back, it's not my fault, I shouldn't feel guilty, another yadda yadda blah blah
He said, "Too bad!" Such sympathy. So off I went, to return the bag of groceries.
At the Service Center I got a very strange look and a "thank you for being so honest". That's it. Of course, I didn't want a fuss made. Not supposed to be doing my "good works to be seen of men", but would a $5 gift card have been too much to ask? LOL
So, do you have limits to how far you'll go, how inconvenienced you'll be, how tired you have to be?


Mommo said...

I remember when I only had my 2 oldest kids. The 2nd was just a baby and we were at Wal-Mart. He was in the carseat which was sitting in the "seat" part of the cart. After fussing with my kids through-out our shopping trip I was thrilled to be done. I buckled the oldest one in her carseat and then took the carseat out to put in the van. As soon as the kids were in the van I checked the basket and sitting right under where the carseat had been was an item that got overlooked when paying. Oh geesh!
I put both kids back in the cart and in we went. I got the same strange looks from the employee at the desk. To me...a clear conscience was worth the extra work. Apparently it is to you too. I never got my $5 gift card either.

Elaine said...

You went back the same night? Impressive. I think it took me about a week after I accidentally stold the salad dressing and raisins. In my defense, though, my Wally World is much further away. They do look at you kind of funny when you return stuff like that, don't they?

Jill said...

Good for you! I'm proud of your honesty.

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

i've done both things... where you return it after forgetting to pay for it and the i don't feel like returning it and i just kept it. And the guilty conscious works on you... So, good job!