Thursday, August 20, 2009


I like kissing.
When I was a young single gal, several decades ago, before Ronald darling, there was another young man who wanted to marry me. Really, there was! He was in the city temporarily. He worked for NCR and was here for training for about six months. He was going to work for them for a few years (his plan) and then go back to Indiana and buy a pig farm. Okay, that was a little off putting, but I could go along with it. I'd never been on a pig farm and had no idea what it would be like, so I was willing to go along with that. But he was not a great kisser, he was not a good kisser. In fact, he was a lousy kissser. I was very young, didn't know much about it, but I knew that my last boyfriend was a good kisser because we sat on the porch and did it for a long time.
So when my suitor finished his training and left, I just let him go. I wanted a good kisser!

I was reading a friend's blog yesterday. Her daughter is going from home school to middle school and she wanted to include some of the things that boys might suggest. Kissing techniques popped into her mind.

Whenever tongues enter the conversation, I am reminded of a talk I had with a young single sister a few years ago. I don't know why people come to me for advice - maybe it's because I'm always right and never wrong and I know everything. Anyway, she was dating the first young man that actually seemed like he might be "the one". Her question?

"How far down your throat does his tongue go before you have to talk to the bishop?"

So I went on my first and only date with Ronald darling and he kissed me. On the first date! And the rest, as they say is history.

I really like kissing. And this song is inspiration for the activity.


Katie said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one! Some of the BYU coeds that I knew seemed to think I was doomed to burn in hell for not planning to wait until I was across the alter to kiss someone. LOL.

And that story gave Sean and I both a good laugh for the morning.

Jill said...

You sound like my mom. When she was in high school (and college, too) she had a boyfriend AND a "kissing partner" - with whom she spent time solely kissing. I, myself, am a fan, too. And I married the best kisser I've ever kissed! ;o)

...but there were those lips...

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

i agree...kissing is fun. And I had my fair share of kissing before I was married. i remember i had to buy a lot of ice cream in college. (m&m's for holding hands, ice cream of kissing and a steak dinner for a proposal).

thank goodness my husband is a good kisser! :)

Cynthiana said...

once again... Gross, mom.

Cynthiana said...

Actually what I meant to say was GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't you know that your kids might read what you write.

Lilola said...

katie, i was hoping for a huge laughs on that story, thanx!
jill, thanx for remembering ;)
steph, steak dinner = proposal,,, interesting!
cyndi, LOL it was my intention to gross you out!

Elaine said...

For the record, I didn't just decide to talk about french kissing. :) My daughter asked me about it. Oh my, that was a conversation I could have waited years to have, you know.
I remember the house mother, or whatever she was called, my freshman year at BYU told us if we'd ever french kissed a boy we needed to go right to our bishop and CONFESS!!!!! I ran to my room and called a good friend, who was the stake president's son from back home to tell him what she said and get his opinion (not that I ever kissed him in any way shape or form), and he laughed at me (and her). Incidentally, as I recall she was both married and widowed at age 19 and, from the way she talked, hadn't kissed anyone since then (she was in her 60s at that point). So I think she might have been a little extra uptight or something.

Lilola said...

i thought you didn't talk to them about it... that you were just waiting for when you had to. sorry for the misread! lol