Sunday, February 28, 2016

Insight or Incite

I am not a faithful blogger, as you may have noticed.  I love thinking that anyone would care to read my musings, but for the most part - not so much.  And that's okay, sometimes I write just to hear myself think.

But when I blog (when did that become a verb?), the content is important.  I want to be funny, clever, warm and adorable.  My thoughts should be inspiring and uplifting. I don't come close, but there is the effort made.  

On the other hand, I have strong political views and want to write about them.  A few years ago, 8 exactly, I tried to write the 10 reasons I was voting for John McCain. I didn't get past 4 or 5, but I voted for him anyway.  This year, Ronald darling and I are butting heads over candidates, and I have family and friends at opposite ends of the political spectrum, so I keeping a low profile.  At about the same time I was defending John McCain, a dear friend was also posting political views on her blog.  She ended up creating a second blog so that the fun, cute, family and gardening stuff would not be tainted by politics.  Completely understood!  

As I contemplate what to write, and to whom I am writing, I hope to share insight on life, love and the purpose of God in our lives.

I don't plan to get the torches and pitchforks and incite riots. 

So for now, something beautiful and sweet.....

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