Monday, September 15, 2008

I survived Hurricane Ike in Ohio

Weather in the area was simple yesterday. The forecast was for rain, but all we got was wind, wind and more wind. The news says that there were gusts at 78 mph. I understand that a level 1 hurricane has 74 mile an hour winds. Trees and tree limbs are down all over the valley, power was out to 300,000* customers in the area and may not becompletely restored for three to five days.
We were only in the dark for 8 or 9 hours but there are still 200,000 without power. We could get by without power; it's not winter and we cook with gas and heat the water with gas. Of course, the refrigerator was out and we were expecting to be without power for at least a couple of days. Just in case, we ate all the ice cream in the freezer for supper.

*updated figure
as of Tuesday 9/16 down to 180,000
DP&L hopes to have that figure down to 100,000 by tomorrow morning

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Jill said...

Some sacrifices have to be made. ;o)