Thursday, February 12, 2009

Days of Debate?

I just heard a report on Fox News Radio about the "compromise" on the Stimulus/Recovery Bill. The reporter said that after "days of debate" a compromise had been reached between the House and Senate versions of the bill.

Excuse me, but um, NO. The measure was passed in the House on January 28 after being introduced on the 27th. That was 2 weeks ago. It passed in the Senate on Tuesday of this week, the 10th after being introduced on the 3rd. The compromise was reached yesterday, one DAY after the Senate vote.

They have not had time to read it, understand it and certainly not to discuss the differences. This whole thing is a crock!

I'm disgusted. Really!


military mama said...

I agree. We are now learning that $3 million will be spent on some type of RAT (literally)! I just say, lets get rid of all the rat in this world....who likes them?

Saquel25 said...

I think at this point we need urgent action and sitting around debating isn't going to stop 600 000 jobs being lost each month. A President of swift action when necessary (and when in our nation's history has it been more necessary other than the great depression?) is exactly what the country needs, and badly.

Nancy said...

When the director of the Congressional Budget Office, which is non-partisan, says we would be better off doing nothing than passing this monstrosity of a bill, we should all listen.

When Senators and members of Congress, on both sides of hte aisle, chuckle while the new Secretary of the Treasury gives his vacuous statement about what they are doing to shore up the country's banks, we should all pay attention.

Definitely a crock.