Thursday, April 9, 2009

Six Destructive Ds

Elder Kevin W Pearson spoke in the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference. His topic was "Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ". A portion of his talk was devoted to the things that impede development of that faith, the six destructive Ds.
  • Doubt - a lack of confidence, inconsistent with our divine identity as children of God
  • Discouragement - comes from missed expectations
  • Distraction - a lack of focus
  • Diligence, the lack of - a reduced commitment to being true and faithful
  • Disobedience - choosing to turn from what's right
  • Disbelief - hardening one's heart against truth

Distraction and the lack of diligence are natural to mortal life. The six don't have to lead to each other, although they frequently do. But distraction and the lack of diligence track me like hounds. Combined, don't they mean procrastination? That comes natural to me too! LOL

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nicole said...

Ha ha! You crack me up.
This is a nice reminder about a great talk. My biggest "D" is discouragement. I have such ridiculously high expectations sometimes (for myself... not others) that when things fail to go as planned, I get frustrated and discouraged at times. I probably should read this talk again and keep trying to ovecome this weakness! Thanks for sharing!