Monday, June 8, 2009


You know how you read and read and SUDDENLY, something jumps off the page? I love that feeling, but frequently wonder where my head was before. Sometimes the stupid pills kick in and sometimes the enlightenment pills kick in! LOL

I was reading one of the Priesthood Session talks from this past General Conference the other day when it happened again. It was President Eyering's talk which I always love, but one sentence, one phrase just leaped at me.

Now, before I go on; I know that we are involved in the Lord's work, that we are his hands in many ways. That he plans on us doing the work, that he aids us in doing the work, the we have a responsibility to do the work.

Here's the statement that struck me:

"Whatever part you play in that priesthood visit (he was talking about home teaching to Aaronic priesthood holders), your desire to go to the people for the Lord to help them will bring at least two blessings. First, you will feel the love of God for the people you visit. And, second, you will feel the Savior’s gratitude for your desire to give the help the Savior knew they needed." April 2009 Priesthood Session

I don't think it ever occurred to me that the Savior was grateful to us for what we do. After all, he doesn't need us to do the work, he doesn't need us to finance the work, he doesn't need our testimonies. He could do it himself. Or so I thought.

Ronald darling tells me that I'm wrong - that the Lord does need us. It isn't that he couldn't do all the work, but that would defeat his plans. But gratitude? Really?

And then I thought of a conversation I had the other day about mud pies. Your kids made/make them. They want to share them, so they offer you one. Do you not say Thank You? And aren't you really pleased that they are developing social skills and sharing skills? And aren't they cute when they are trying to be grown up like you?

What about when you are cleaning or raking leaves or pulling weeds and they want to help? You say Thank You, you are pleased that they want to help, that they are learning a good work ethic. Maybe that's similar to the Savior's feelings when we help him with his work.

I hope he doesn't roll his eyes when I leave the room!


Mommo said...

That is a nice thought and perspective to keep in mind. Thanks!

nicole said...

Thank you! That is an encouraging piece of wisdom. There are so many times I feel like what I have to give is inadequate, but I think you're right. Heavenly Father loves us and is appreciative of our EFFORTS... as imperfect as they are. And thankfully, our Savior compensates for what we lack.