Monday, October 19, 2009

Ahh, Bach!

Yesterday was my first concert with the Bach Society of Dayton. The concert was recorded by the local public radio station and will be broadcast next Saturday morning at 10:00am. Just so ya know.

This was almost my first performance with a live orchestra, and they were GOOD! We were performing in a church with a slate floor and high vaulted ceilings the sound was gi-normous! During the first piece, it hit me. Music proves that God exists. The complexity of the vocal parts, blended by 48 individuals and the orchestra's score performed by 20 people, and the genius of the composer... has to be blessings and inspiration.

Here is a recording, not us, of the first movement of the oratorio "Jauchzet, frohlocket". Did I mention that we were singing in German? Yes! What a blast!

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Chocolate Inspector said...

I totally agree with you Ilona! Music is so moving. Why do people waste it on nasty messages and negative stuff? And the idea that we have evolved form monkeys is just insane to me. Otherwise, we'd have more evidences of intelligent beings on this Earth besides us. Anyway, thanks for sharing, the singing is so beautiful!!