Saturday, October 31, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

My daughter posted her 20 favorite movies... only 3 or 4 would make my list. Many of hers are high-brow - well, except for that Monty Python and the Holy Grail. That's not high brow! LOL

On the other hand, one of my guilty pleasures is another Monty Python flick - The Life of Brian. Not the whole thing just the song that ends the movie "Look on the Bright Side of Life". It's a great song, but the setting is definitely not.

So what else is on that list...

Have you ever noticed that music pops up in my life a bunch?
I love the piano, and would do anything to play well, except practice.

But here's a pianist that I've always loved. You youngsters will never have heard of him. Liberace!

And then, I love romantic love songs.. especially this one by John Denver. Who? I knew you'd say that!

Hmmm.... other guilty pleasures.

Chinese Food.
Hot bread and butter.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Ronald darling.


nicole said...

I love John Denver! This was great... thanks for posting it. I also love "sunshine on my shoulder", "country roads", and "poems, prayers, and promises". There's something so heartfelt about the way he sings.

Glad you included Ronald darling on your list! ha ha!

Jill said...

My mom always played the LIBERACE Christmas album while I was growing up - classic!

Katie said...

Well, it's official. I'm definitely not a "youngster" anymore.

Elaine said...

I shop at Coldwater Creek and I know who Liberace and John Denver are. I'd better not tell me kids, or they will put me firmly in the Old Lady category.

military mama said...

This song has a special meaning to me. Ned sang it to me at our luncheon after our wedding.

As a teenager I was able to attend one of John Denver's concerts and loved it. I always dreamed of taking my family to one of his concerts....Maybe I can do it in the next life.

Thanks for sharing!!