Friday, February 5, 2010


This time it's not about me! Honest!

I was reading a story about the president. He was talking about the need for healthcare for everyone. In doing so, he brought up a campaign worker who had developed cancer with no health insurance in place. She fought the good fight and lost. Upon her death, she left instructions that she be buried in an Obama t-shirt.

Now, if he had told her story, focusing on her courage, the tragedy of her loss and left it at that it would have made his point perfectly. But he carried it one step too far, and turned the focus back on himself. It was all about him again.

Which brought to mind a song that I've always liked. Well, always since 1980 when Mac Davis recorded it. So I went to my friend You Tube to find a video of the song. And then my focus changed. While I still think this applies to the president; the video is too cute because it features one of my favorite TV characters, Anthony (Tony) DiNozzo.

So here you go!

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