Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ah-Ha Moments

I recently attended "Time Out for Women", an interesting, uplifting, quirky weekend shindig. There were speakers, musicians and lots of stuff to buy. I went with a group of 9 other women who were also interesting, uplifting and quirky. I had a wonderful time, talked too much, slept too little, ate too much and spent WAY too much money! But I had a blast!
We arrived on Friday evening, in time to eat dinner and attend the Friday evening session. The speakers were great, the music... not so much. I thought that opinion was a personal preference issue. However.
After dinner and the evening session, most of us ended up back at the hotel in our bedroom and talked for hours. What a hoot that was! Two of us in the room were in my age bracket (pretty old) and the rest were mothers of children still at home and very young children. Those young mothers were very nice to us old broads, laughed at our jokes and didn't do any of that "just smile and nod until she shuts up" stuff. Or if they did, they were very good at it - I didn't notice. LOL
Oh, yeah - back to the music. The musician was one I've seen in workshops; a great teacher of music history and style. But he can't sing, although he did. He composes a lot of music and everything he performed was his own. I didn't like it. The last piece, I suppose, was intended to be the spiritual highlight of his performance, but it wasn't. It went on for decades... okay, many minutes. And it was very very very very very very repetitive.
I didn't say anything about it during our apres' event chat but someone braver than I am, did. Turns out we all had basically the same opinion. Some of his remarks were interesting but the music? Nope.
One of the ladies was not a member of our church. When we began speaking frankly about the musician, we asked her what she thought. She figured that maybe that's just the way music is done in our church! LOL

But back to the title of this post.... While we were talking, one of the sisters asked if anyone had an Ah-ha moment. Something that just popped out. I had, but just couldn't remember it! I meant to take notes, but forgot the paper and pen with which to do that. It took me until lunch the next day to remember. But here it is:
Self-discipline is remembering what you REALLY want. Duh! I know what I want, but I have not been demonstrating the behaviors that will make it happen. I have a list of things that I want; and an even longer list of the things I need to do to make them happen. And an really much longer list of the things I am doing that get in the way. So that's my new wise saying.... I'll let you know how that's working for me!

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Debbie said...

I LOVE that phrase - it is now up on a sticky note on my desk. I think I might even use it as a fb status soon. Thank you for sharing!