Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Count

I do, I count.... frequently. When I walk, I count. I don't think it's always been like that, but now? I count. I think it started with "10,000 steps a day will make you healthy and lose weight". Out of curiosity, walking around the block, you know? I started counting.
But then, do you count every step or every stride? Or are they the same? Army drill type, left, right, left, right, left. Do you count every left and every right, or just every left? Don't know. But I don't count every step, because I lose track. So I start over, or try to pick up where I think I might have maybe left off. Maybe.
But if I stop counting, if there is nothing else going on in my head, which is most of the time, I find that I'm counting again. Huh. If I sing while I walk, I don't count. But I walk to the beat of whatever I'm singing. Which is frequently the Marine Corps Hymn. It just seems more march-ish than "Off we go, into the wild blue yonder". Sorry, Dad.
I'm not Monk-ish or anything. I don't line anything up in rows. Except shoes, but that's how they're supposed to be, right? And hangers. Hooked over the rod from front to back, the garment hanging with the front on the left side of the hanger. The shoulder seams right on top of the hanger and the garment centered around the hook. But nothing nerdish or geeky. Really.


pearlsofgreatprice said...

I don't count all my steps - just the ones that go up and down stairs. I also count letters and divide words and phrases into equal parts. If they contain a prime number of letters I still have to divide them equally, with a place holder in the middle or by counting the spaces. Does everyone count, or are we daft?

shannon said...

That's so funny! I'm a counter by default. I think it's all those years of walking up and down stairs with little ones, teaching them to count. Although, while running, I get tired of counting and have to start up a beat in my head---it usually end up being an really great combo---too bad I don't play the drums!