Monday, October 18, 2010

Mormon Monday

Have you heard the phrase "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"? Yeah, me too. It's not a strictly Mormon phrase, ya know, everybody knows that. And I always thought I knew what it meant. Cater to mama, make sure she's happy and has everything she wants or she will make your life a living... well, you know. Kind of cute, kind of catchy and men just love to say it and roll their eyes!

This phrase from the Sunday School lesson caused some discussion.
"A loving and happy family does not happen by accident. Each person in the family must do his or her part. The Lord has given responsibilities to both parents and children. The scriptures teach that we must be thoughtful, cheerful, and considerate of others. When we speak, pray, sing, or work together, we can enjoy the blessings of harmony in our families."
One sweet (and very young) sister said that she'd realized that it was her responsibility to set the tone in her home. Not hers alone, but still, hers. Another said that she arose every morning before her children, dressed, exercised, prayed and studied the scriptures before anyone else was up. That way, her day started right - before she began taking care of her husband, children and home.

And there was my "ah ha" moment. I must to choose to be happy. Not that I don't, usually I am a disgustingly cheerful, upbeat person. Nauseatingly so, at times. But when I was a young, upstart mom? Probably not so much. If I knew then what I know now....

I'm grateful for this phrase from Colossians 3:15 "And let the peace of God rule in your hearts..."

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Michelle said...

I can agree with, "it's my responsibility to set the tone in my home." That's a lesson I've had to learn several times. :/ But I don't know about getting up early, exercising, showering, prayer, scripture, etc. I've tried that, and all it does is make me feel guilty when I fail. So I say, find your own routine that makes you happy, and can incorporate those things. I personally find the best time for me to study the scriptures and pray is after the kids are in bed. If I did it in the morning (and I've tried it), I fall asleep while reading, and I've got kids walking in on my prayers. It just doesn't work for my family. And isn't the whole point to be happy in your own home?

On a kind-of related note. You should read "Lighten Up" by Chieko Okazaki? It's very good. Helped get out of the "should-be" rut. And while I have bad days (ok, bad weeks and months), for the most part, I'm much happier now that I was in the past.

You should also check out,, it's a FANTASTIC blog.