Monday, November 22, 2010

Mormon Monday

This past weekend we had Stake Conference at church. Instead of our regular meetings we had two general meetings; one for adults on Saturday evening, the other Sunday morning. There are nine congregations in the Stake, and the building will not hold all of the atttendees. In the past we've held two Sunday sessions and assigned congregations to come to a specific session. Recently we've held only the one Sunday session and broadcast it to the other chapels via the internet. I was able to sing in the choir, which, as you know, I love! From the choir seats, you can see the back of the speaker. Interesting. But you can see the faces of the members of the congregation and that is great. I love looking out at a sea of over 1,000 people and finding my friends.

One of the speakers in the Saturday evening session talked about his experience as a father, teaching his children to recognize the Spirit. He would ask them periodically when they last felt the influence of the Spirit. By doing so, he prompted them to seek it and respond.

The easiest way for me to feel that Spirit is through music. Responding to the influence and remaining in tune is a habit I continue to develop. In the mean time, I feel the influence of the Lord through music. I can't pick one favorite, but this is fantastic. I love the music and the message and, especially the settings! Do you suppose that people who were not involved just jumped in and sang? I know I would have.

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