Friday, November 7, 2008

Blog Envy

Many moons ago a friend said she was suffering from blog envy. I understood completely. I spend a considerable amount of time, probably (certainly) more than I should, reading other people's blogs. I like variety - LDS, humor, food, politics and the occasional whackadoodle

Here are some of my favorites.....

The Blogger of Jared

An LDS blog with doctrinal insight. Especially interesting is an episodic piece called The Secret Life of Earl Johnson. It is sort of a Walter Mitty-ish, Harvey-ish daydreaming, typical LDS experience thingy. Is that specific enough? You'll like it!

Homesick Texan

This blog focuses on food - not fancy, not complicated but just delicious. A little story about how her grandma or Aunt Rose used to do it, the Sunday suppers and the history behind the foods. I keep going back and collecting the recipes, but I haven't made any of them yet. I'll put that at the top of my to-do list.

Reflections from a Murky Pond

A conservative blogger, but not a right wing nut job. Thoughtfully and calmly presented.

Seriously, So Blessed

An hilarious spoof of Mormon mommy blogs. Aimed at a younger crowd, of course, but I get most of the humor. LOL

I read lots of friends blogs, link to their friends and their friends friends blogs. I haven't listed my friends; I couldn't choose amongst ye! I could make a living reading blogs, if only someone would pay me!!


jonolan said...

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed - or were interested in - Reflections From A Murky Pond.

I'm more of a quasi-Conservative though since I'm politically conservative but socially odd. ;)

Like most of us, I don't perfectly fit the mold for any sweeping ideology.

jennifer said...

I LOVE Seriously, So Blessed! Hilarious!

BTW - I tagged you on my blog!