Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Stayed Up Past My Bedtime!

My alarm goes off every morning at 4:00am and up I get. I didn't used to be a morning person, but I teach Early Morning Seminary. I taught for 6 years when my children were teenagers, many moons ago and am on the 5th year this time around. I love teaching Seminary and I love the teens I teach. Consequently, I need to go to bed early.
Last night, I was reading a friend's blog and she mentioned an actor whom I admire, Danny Kaye. She had a film clip of him so I trotted over to youtube to see what else they had on him.
BIG mistake!! One of the clips I saw was a guest appearance that he made on "What's My Line?" An interesting game show and I had completely forgotten about it. One of the segments of the show had the panel blindfolded and a celebrity guest. The panel tried to guess who the celebrity was by questioning and the guest tried to fool them by disguising the voice.
I was hooked. I was up until after midnight watching video clips of mystery guests. What a hoot! Even you young whippersnappers will recognize some of these folks.
And it's already an hour past my bedtime! I gotta go!


Jill said...

Our family favorite movie while I was growing up was "The Court Jester". I love Danny Kaye! He's so talented! I actually have a dvd with the best of Danny Kaye - if you'd like to borrow it. It has a funny clip with Lucille Ball - so hilarious!

jennifer said...

I LOVE Yul Brynner. That is one good-looking bald man!

What's so fun about watching these old clips is the formality and gentility with which people composed themselves, in their dress and manner of speaking. I think our society has gotten much too casual. I'd love to go back to a time of greater civility like that!