Friday, March 13, 2009

It Doesn't Pay To Take A Day Off

I scheduled a week off work, thinking that we'd go down to see family in NC. But the car needs tires and brakes, so we scratched the trip. I decided to take two of the days anyway, yesterday and today. Get some rest, play a little, get a little sewing and spring cleaning done.

But the telephone rang yesterday, my neighbor in a panic. Her husband was unresponsive and having difficulty breathing. Can we come? We took off running (literally just across the street). I called 911 and Ronald darling went to make sure he was still with us. The township response was very quick (thanx Nancy). I moved some furniture so they could get a cot in, kept her out of their way while they tended to him and then drove her down to the emergency room. We met his daughter, son and daughter-in-law there.

As of late last evening he was responsive and stronger. She's already spoken to him this morning he is doing well. Everyone's first thought yesterday, including his nurse daughter, was that he'd had a stroke. I haven't heard confirmation of that, but I'll find out shortly. I am taking her down to see him in a few minutes. I really am glad that I was here for them, but these aren't the days I had planned.

Remind me that if I take time off work to get out of Dodge!


Mommo said...

It sure paid off for you neighbor to have you home when she needed you. Maybe it was inspiration?

Jill said...

That might make you think twice about taking any more days off of work. ;o) Great job on helping out.

Nancy said...

I heard that call on my radio and wondered if it was near you. Glad everything seems to be turning out well for him, and I know you are glad you were there to help.