Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Physical Fitness

As I've gotten older (inevitable) and heavier (not inevitable), it has occurred to me that I could reverse one portion of the equation and possibly not feel the other. So I have reviewed a variety of phyiscal fitness programs, mostly by sitting on my ample posterior and watching infomercials.

But this morning I saw one that is The first 50 seconds of the video are kind of silly, sort of a warm up exercise, but then you see some strength and flexibility. Trust me, you will want to be in such good shape!


military mama said...

WOW!!!! I didn't know it was humanly possible to do some of those tricks! AMAZINGLY CRAZY! However, I'm sure you can learn those tricks in no time at all. Happy practicing!

Jill said...

What's a little gymnastics now and then? Nice clip! Amazing girls!

jennifer said...

Wow, that is just CRAZY!