Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Amazing Expansion of Missionary Work

Elder Jeffrey R Holland visited 7 African countries in 16 days. Among other things, he dedicated the countries of Cameroon and Rwanda for missionary work. There are already members there. In one stake conference 56 brothers were sustained to receive the Melchizedek priesthood. It is amazing that the work goes on at the rate it is. During one of the meetings a children's choir sang, conducted by a 9 year old boy.

In this picture, Elder Holland is dedicating the country of Cameroon for missionary work.

This is a portion of what he said in the dedicatory prayer on a hilltop in Rwanda:

"We are doing all we can, Father in Heaven, to reach to heaven. We ask Thee with great affection, loyalty and love that Thou would bring heaven down to us. We ask that Thou would receive us here, as we stand tip-toe to enter Thy presence, feel Thy Spirit and build Thy kingdom."

The sweetness of what he said brought me to tears.

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shannon said...

Ooh Elder Holland's prayer was so poetic! I can't believe how fast the church is growing there--and what a cool opportunity to lead a choir at such a young age!