Saturday, September 19, 2009

Why Did I Go?

So, why was I in Washington, DC on September 12? Did my one voice make a difference? I carried no sign, did my presence matter? I don't know how many people were there, most news networks said tens of thousands. MSNBC' first report said hundreds of thousands. Optimistic estimates said over one million. These photos were taken at the staging area at Freedom Square. Tons of nice people, a few whacko signs and a couple of nuts. We were in the Ohio section where, evidently EVERYONE was an OSU fan.

The march started early, because the crowd was larger than anticipated, the streets around us had to be closed and people were still arriving. Eventually they closed the area to busses; people were walking in from across the river. It was an amazing day.

We sang, we chanted - mostly O H - I O! LOL Buckeyes!
But why did I go? At the end of the day my feet were ready to explode, I could barely walk and I broke a promise to my daughter and myself to do a little additional sight seeing. Guess I'll have to go back.
But why did I go? Because one person, alone, can do something. A few hundred thousand persons, together, can do more.
I went to stand as witness. This country should return to it's roots and it's citizens should take responsibility for themselves and for each other. But in taking responsibility for my neighbor, I do NOT mean that the government should mandate that I do so. We are a generous loving people and will watch out for each other. And if someone chooses not to do so, there should be no law that says he must.
There were a few other good signs....

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