Sunday, August 22, 2010

You've Been In The South When...

Ronald darling and I recently visited our daughter and her family in the Carolinas. Ronald darling did not want to go because it would mean he couldn't sleep in his own bed, he couldn't drink out of the jug in the refrigerator, and he couldn't snack on whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. We bought him his own jug of chocolate milk and put it on the top shelf of the refrigerator and let him buy his own snacks. We couldn't do anything about the bed, but promised he could sleep with the same great lady he slept with at home. He settled.

You see definite differences in the south. These are some of the ones I love most. It is not a comprehensive list, it may not be accurate for all of the southern states and/or neighborhoods and is seen through the eyes of a woman who doesn't always notice every detail.

Fewer tatoos, especially on the ladies.
Trousers and jeans on young men are worn at the waist!
Women in the grocery are wearing make-up and have their hair styled, even first thing in the morning.
Men's hair is shorter and less often in pony tails.

It's better. Okay, too vague.
Hush puppies are served with butter for dipping. Yumm.
Barbeque sandwiches are served with cole slaw on top of the meat. Yumm.
Fat back is next to the bacon on the breakfast bar. Hmmm.
Deep fried corn on the cob. 'Nuff said!

Fifty foot Southern Pine trees tower over everything.
The Appalachian Mountains - gorgeous.
Family... always helps make everything look good!
More flowers, more flowering shrubs - gorgeous.


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