Monday, August 30, 2010

Mormon Monday: Family Examples

Ronald darling and I were with our daughter, her husband and their two sons a week or so ago. We drove down on a Saturday and were able to attend church in their ward the next day. It was a great day, but I missed the most special part of it. Our youngest grandson was all dressed for church in his white shirt, tie and dress pants. He noticed that his grandpa was wearing the same color suit as the youngsters trousers. He remembered that he had a jacket the same color, so he went and put it on. Then he noticed that grandpa had a handkerchief tucked in the breast pocket of his coat. Young one asked why, how do you get it in there with the pointy parts up, can I have one? So Ronald darling showed him how to grab it, tuck it and fluff it. They went to church identically dressed and I missed the significance. Drat!
While we were visiting, we had breakfast each morning and read the scriptures with them. I would love to say that my daughter learned that families should read the scriptures together from the wonderful example set by her parents. Can't say it, 'cause it isn't true. I was so impressed with that little morning study. Everyone read in rotation, the youngest always getting to read the last few verses in the chapter. He was so excited on the last day because they were finishing Helaman. "Tomorrow we get to start Third Nephi!" What great parents, that their children are excited to read that special part of the Book of Mormon.
Every prayer included a request that Heavenly Father "help us not to fight". My grandchildren have learned that certain behaviors are not right, and that Heavenly Father will help us overcome our problems.
So yesterday I was chatting with my daughter and she told me about the boys getting ready for church. Young one put on his clothes, laid out his handkerchief, picked it up just so, tucked it and fluffed it just right. Just like grandpa did it. I wish I'd seen it!

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