Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ten Days - Ten Reasons I'm Voting for John McCain

Reason Number Four - Judicial Philosophy

We are a nation of law and I am a strict constructionist.

John McCain believes that one of the greatest threats to our liberty and the Constitutional framework that safeguards our freedoms are willful judges who usurp the role of the people and their representatives and legislate from the bench. As President, John McCain will nominate judges who understand that their role is to faithfully apply the law as written, not impose their opinions through judicial fiat.


nicole said...

These are timely and insightful posts. Thanks for sharing. :)

jennifer said...

This is so important, especially for those of us who regard the Constitution as a divinely inspired document.

We can compare this to the other candidate who has used the words "flawed" and "negative" when referring to the Constitution.

Jill said...