Friday, October 31, 2008

Ten Days - Ten Reasons I'm Voting For John McCain

Reasons number 7 and 8.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. I think that it is unfortunate if both houses of Congress and the White House are held by the same party. There has to be some REAL bi-partisanship.


Saquel25 said...

I can agree that it would be more beneficial to have both parties fairly represented in government. But I'm sure Harry Reid can't be that bad. Isn't he a church member in good standing?

Lilola said...

He is, but that doesn't mean he is right. If being a member of the church in good standing meant that we were all right, we would also agree. I don't question his standing in the church, but I disagree with him on many many issues.

Nancy said...

My new daughter-in-law, from Harry Reid's home state of Nevada, says he keeps getting re-relected because of support from Church members. They feel it is a matter of pride to have a church member representing them as senator.

She thinks that may change this year as they are waking up to just how dangerous that type of thinking can be. The polls show him safe, but I hope she's right.

If nothing else the members there are seeing what that type of thinking can get you.

jennifer said...

Yeah, I'm actually pretty embarrassed that he is a member of the church. In my opinion, he doesn't conduct himself with much class, as well as supporting some policies that I believe are in direct opposition to what we believe.