Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ten Days - Ten Reasons I'm Voting for John McCain

Reason Number Five

I am a capitalist, pure and simple. I believe in the American dream - if you work hard and play by the rules you can succeed. Justice means that you get what you deserve, economic justice means that if you earned it, it's yours! I believe in personal responsibility. I should take care of myself and my family, and not depend on others except in case of emergency.

I believe that if a portion of my income should be used to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and clothe the naked that I should make that choice. The government should not require that I be charitable. I have heard those who believe that charity is a function of government cite the Golden Rule and other commandments as justification. But men are commanded, not governments. The American people are some of the most charitable and generous people on the face of the planet.


jennifer said...
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jennifer said...

All I can say is...AMEN!!!

There is a great article on that discusses this issue, citing the words of the prophets.

Saquel25 said...

Paying our taxes doesn't count as a charitable act. Our taxes go to fund infrastructure programs that create jobs, fund the military, and perhaps under a new president, bring down the cost of education among many other worthwhile things. Someone who is well established in their career and is comfortable, even rich, should not have to pay the same taxes as those just starting out. Under our current President we have seen the collapse of our banks due to no regulations on loaning money and then, because of this mistake, we noe have to put up with socialized banks, practically owned by the government. We will still be a Capitalist society under Obama but perhaps we can fund our country from within instead of borrowing endless money from China and continually increasing our national debt.

Saquel25 said...

A lie that McCain would like you believe right now is that your money will be taken from you and handed out to someone else. I don't see how intelligent, educated people cannot see this as a scare tactic and a distraction from the real facts at the end of this campaign.

Lilola said...

Of course taxes are necessary to "establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty". As I've mentioned earlier I support a different method of taxation which would guarantee that the wealthy paid the most and the poor paid nothing unless they chose.
There are many things that Senator Obama plans to do which takes money from me and gives to someone else.
One billion dollars to transitional jobs and career pathway programs.
Double the Federal Public Transportation dollars.
Increase the number of people receiving the Earned Income Tax Credit and the amount of that benefit (sorry, no figures).
$500 to every lower and middle income wage earner to offset payroll taxes.

Just to name a few. No lie.

Saquel25 said...

I believe you. But you will get tax relief with Obama as president. 95% of Americans will pay less than they do now. That is what Obama has said and McCain is going to try and persuade you otherwise because he wants you to vote for him. I am just inspired by Obama and believe in his talent and desire/vision for a united country who take care of one another. That's not to say giving random people money from the rich. I respect your decision to vote for McCain and I do like that you are telling me what he'll do but I find his and other similar philosophies to be centered around the individual and watching out for number one only. I honestly gave each candidate a chance by listening to each one and watching their approach. McCain has given me a lasting impression of mean spiritedness and a dogged determination to hang on to the status quo, despite turmoil. More than anything this country needs someone to excite, inspire, and unify. I believe wholeheartedly that Obama is this person. No politician has ever made me want to be a better person and contribute to my country before. There's so much more to life than protecting one's financial interests and that's all I get out of McCain's economic policies. I know he's a good man though and I think political discussion is great, just not the stuff that tends to veer into the fantastical and things that don't present the truth (i.e socialism, marxism, taking from rich to give to poor). I think that kind of campaigning is a disservice to voters and prevents people from making an informed decision. I'm sure you are voting for McCain because you truly prefer his political outlook but there are many who will be scared by some of the outlandish things he keeps saying that are completely false and I think they are dirty tactics. Sorry for going on.

Scott said...

Barack is a Socialist. This is not really debatable. He has said that he has chosen his friends carefully, some of which were Marxist. He admits to being interested in Socialism. He has given money to socialistic groups while serving on a board. He belonged to "The New Party" in Chicago which is a Socialist Party. He goes to Socialism conventions. His policies are Socialistic in nature. These are all facts out of his own mouth or matters of record.

So, how is stating the facts dirty tactics?

jennifer said...

We all realize that not all Americans pay taxes, right?

So, 60% of WORKING Americans paying taxes + Obama giving 95% of AMERICANS a "tax cut" = Welfare. AKA, Wealth Redistribution. AKA, money that someone else earned is given to some other "random" person by means of a welfare-ahem-"tax cut" CHECK.

Saquel25 said...

Call it what you will. McCain has acted dishonorably in my view. I believe in Obama and think he will do great things for this country. And if a few bucks of my money goes to helping a child whose parents don't pay taxes to get a college scholarship then so be it. If all you care about is protecting your own wealth then that's your prerogative. I believe in Obama and all that he stands for. I think he will unify this country and make it possible for ALL Americans to experience the American Dream. McCain inspires nothing in me except Apathy.

Anonymous said...

As a government employee I have established one clear opinion when it comes to politics: the government cannot do anything without being extremely inefficient and wasteful with our tax dollars. Anytime a politician says "As your elected ____, I am going to do ____," I am turned off by their message. My basic principle is to support the candidate who will grow the government the least. Big government = wasted money and loss of freedom. There are obviously many more issues involved in every election, but this is my tried and true principle.

p.s. don't tell me how much the government has grown under President Bush. I know. I am not extolling the record of him or any other individual or administration. You make decisions on what the current candidates offer for the future; not on what others have done in the past.


Saquel25 said...

I urge you to look up an interview on YouTube. Rachel Maddow interviewing Barack Obama. Please explain to me how you have come to the conclusion that government programs cannot work and how you can make such a carte blanche statement having obviously NOT listened to a single thing that Obama will do? How does working for the Military qualify you to make such a statement? And the future is exactly why I am voting for Obama. I believe in him, he inspires me and I know he will be great for this country. It's interesting how you say you turn off when someone is outlining important policy. Perhaps you find the constant trash circulated around by the McCain campaign to be more worthy of your time. When I listen to a McCain rally it's Obama this and Obama that. Socialism, spreading the wealth, Bill Ayers, Joe the Plumber. The inanity is enough to kill half of my brain cells. But when I listen to Obama I discover what a President should be. Someone who can bring the country together across party lines and make a real difference in the lives of Americans. Please give this some more thought. Don't be narrow. It's our responsibility.