Thursday, October 9, 2008

We Get Letters

I was contemplating the title of this post, wanting to do better than this one by a good friend, creative as it was is in it's own special way. And I couldn't figure out the tug on the old heart strings from the words "We Get Letters". And then I remembered!!! Perry Como was my first (or second) true love. I told my mom I was going to marry him. Talk about a thrill going up my leg! LOL

Back to business - you know that we all get letters, via email. Some are supposed to be funny, some are supposed to prompt us to good works or to guilt or to anger. Just so you know, I usually glance at them, and then ditch them. If you expect me to pass it on to 10 of my best friends or to everyone in my ding dong email list - don't hold your breath.

But I got an email last week, forwarded for about the fourth time, purportedly from a member of the women't choir at the Relief Society General Broadcast. It said that the music chosen for that meeting was straight from the hymn book. But more specifically, from those hymns that are included in every version of the hymn book. Although it has been translated into scores of languages, only about 20 hymns appear in every version. They wanted the sisters all over the world, even if they didn't understand the words, to recognize the music.

I give that email greater credence after General Conference this past weekend. All of the music sung was from the hymnal or the children's songbook. There were a couple of nice special arrangements, but they were the hymns of Zion.

I love those hymns, love to hear the voices in my head singing them, and LOVE* to hear them sung. They speak peace to my soul.

*although they sang "We Ever Pray for Thee" at half speed, totally not necessary.


Jill said...

Yes, aren't hymns wonderful? My favorite is "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". I would sing it every Sunday, if I could!

I especially enjoyed the primary choir during conference. So touching. :o)

nicole said...

I sure love them too. You seem to be so musically inclined. It's wonderful. Were you raised in a musical family?

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

Thanks so much for your prayers...we need them!!!

p.s. i love that your read my blog, but next time at church can you come up to me so i can know who i am thanking. I was hoping you would have a picture on your blog so i could thank you personally, but you don't. It really means a lot to me.