Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ten Days - Ten Reasons to Vote for John McCain

It is ten days before the election and I have ten reasons to vote for John McCain. Not just reasons to vote against Barack Obama; ten reasons to vote FOR John McCain.
Reason Number One!
As many of you know, I am a strong proponent of the Fair Tax, which includes an elimination of all income, payroll and corporate taxes, among others. It replaces them with a sales tax on retail goods and services. John doesn't go that far. His economic plan doesn't go far enough but exceeds the other plan offered. It includes a pro-growth, pro-job creation tax policy which includes:

Middle Class Tax Cuts:
John McCain and Sarah Palin will cut taxes on middle class families. They will phase out and eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax, saving a middle class family with children an average of over $2,700. They will also double the personal exemption for dependents.
Pro-Growth Tax Policy:
John McCain and Sarah Palin will keep taxes low by fighting efforts to raise taxes and making it harder to raise taxes in the future. They will keep the current rates on dividends and capital gainst while permitting business to immediately deduct the cost of equipment and technology.


Saquel25 said...

I still like another tax plan better. But I like hearing about reasons why you're voting for McCain instead of people who have said don't vote for Obama because he's a Muslim terrorist who isn't actually eligible to be President!

jennifer said...

I'm with you - I love the Fair Tax plan, but while we're waiting for it to gain more support, I'm a big fan of McCain's plan to provide incentives to grow business in America instead of taking money from hard-working people to redistribute it to folks who would rather let the government take care of them.